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Just wanted to extend you an e-shout out for your TERRIFIC products & even better service. I recently ordered an assortment of blades, splashes, & soaps/creams and, as usual, was very much impressed w/ the quality of the goods. The bay rum shaving stick was absolutely perfect for my trip to Central Oregon earlier this month and produced, without question, the slickest lather I've come across in 2 or so years of wet shaving. The lime citrus cream is equally heavenly and leaves my face feeling smooth as butter...and smelling fabulous. Of course, the aftershaves probably help w/ that, as well. Oh, and the after shave soother/moisture balm, the one I'll absolutely never go without (unless you stop making it), is the best of its kind in the biz. Not even close, frankly. In sum...thanks for making such great products and, for me at least, doing it locally! J. Hutchins, Oregon (men's body care and shaving items)

The Merkur Futur set is wonderful. I had not realized how poor my shaving had become over the years. I started with the double edge razor and then was given an electric by my parents. After many years and out of frustration, I went to disposables and then Mach 3. This fall I was in Paris and saw a {specific company mentioned not included} display which started me thinking. After much research I found you and Merkur and decided to give myself a Christmas present, your Merkur set. I must say that your knowledge, advice and the quality of your website are why I bought from you. Thank you and God bless. Erik, South Dakota (silver tip shaving set and toiletries)

Hi; Just wanted to let you know that I had used some of your glycerin shaving soap sometime back, and I was astounded at the quality of the shave it gave. The lather was super and I don't think I have gotten a smoother shave with any other product I have used, including some of the high priced name brands. I have ordered some other products, and will certainly let my friends know about your store. Thanks very much. Robert Smithee, Texas (Em's glycerin shaving soap)

Emily, I don't even know where to start in praising your company and your products. I recently began using your Bay Rum shave cream, and on the first day I got a shave closer than I knew was possible. I have tried many high end creams and soaps, but NOTHING even approaches your creams. I have just begun to use your after shave and body splash, and my face feels much better than with any other aftershave I have ever tried. When you add in the fact that your products are all natural, you are the ultimate shaving company.

I will NEVER order any product from another manufacturer. I wish more people knew about Em's Place - you should be the top selling shave company on the web. And since I live in Oregon, I'm very lucky to be able to support a local business. I thank you for your dedication to quality, natural products and your support of those of us who refuse to yield to the mass produced multi-blade razors and blue goop that dominate the market. S. Rex, Ashland, Oregon (men's wet shaving products)

Special thanks for your huge selection of great stuff, especially the incredibly comprehensive collection of Trac II, Atra, and Sensor-related items and razor handles. They're so nice, even my wife can't complain about how they look in our bath.... very important to keep SWMBO happy in such matters. A very satisfied customer. J Hornyak, Cape Cod

FAQ: What does SWMBO mean? From the Brtish TV series, RUMPOLE OF THE BAILEY, She Who Must be Obeyed (referring to Horace Rumpole's wife).

Emily, I just wanted to let you know that I have been using your name brand shave cream. I would consider it probably the best product I have tried. Believe me, I have tried all of them! N. Koovshinoff, California (men's shaving products)

I can't possibly say enough positive things about this company and the products they sell. I spent many hours searching for the perfect shaving set for my husband, who is a die-hard user of the Sensor blade cartridges. I wanted to get him something he would use and that would last. No sets on Em's site had precisely all the elements I wanted, so I called. They were SO nice and SO incredibly helpful! We put together a beautiful set that was exactly what I wanted, and my husband LOVED it! If you made it here, don't bother going anywhere else. Em's is the BEST! PJ Castagna

Em: I just re-ordered your scented after-shave, and I wanted to tell you it's the BEST. Every wet-shaver should be using this. It's by far the best after-shave and skin conditioner I've ever used, and I bought some for my oldest son as a Christmas gift last year. He loves it too, and says it's made a world of difference in cutting down on post-shave skin irritations. I'm a customer for life. Rick McDole, California (Em's after shave splash)

I received the package today, and I was very pleased with the silver tip brush and shaving items. There is only one way to describe the beauty and size of this brush. Magnificent! I took the opportunity to lather up the cup soap that I normally use, and the efficiency of this brush astonished me. This brush produced rich, thick, warm lather in a third of the time that my current brush takes. The faster you create the lather, the warmer it is. I am convinced that I own the finest brush of its kind. Thanks again. Please publish this as a testimonial, if you wish. Frank Lapp, Oregon (silver tip brush)

Emily, Thank You for Always providing the best in prompt and friendly service with every order! You truly are interested and concerned with providing the best products and service. I recommend you to everyone that I speak with about shaving or soap concerns (barbers especially). I only wish I could endorse you more frequently. Oh, I really love your shaving soaps and I don't say I love much of anything out loud! YOUR REALLY THE BEST!!! R. Biebel, Washington (wet shaving products)

I just wanted to let you know that I have really enjoyed your products. Everything I received from the shave brush to the bowls and creams are great products. However, the one product I don't know how I lived without is the Antioxidant Cream. This stuff is like heaven in a tub and helps my sometimes dry skin feel and look amazing time after time. No other cream I have used even comes close. I am looking forward to trying some more items and different fragrances in the near future. Buddy Hume, Florida (shaving brush and men's wet shaving products)

Hi Emily, My order arrived today, thanks. This is my second order from Em's Place, so I'm a happy repeat customer. Just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with your site, and the service I received. You have a tremendous selection of hard-to-find goodies, and really seem to care about wet shavers. I just used your instructional videos to clean/recondition four of my brushes, with great results. I appreciate the variety of products you carry and make, the relaxed and informational style of your site, and the great service. For niche shaving products that are often back-ordered without notice at other sites, you seem to come through every time. Thought you'd appreciate knowing that you are well thought of, you seem to really care. Thanks, Tim from Georgia (men's wet shaving products)

Dear Em, I just returned from London to find the lovely shaving set you sent. It is lovely. Thanks for your service and the quality of your merchandise. For your interest, I stopped by a men's supply shop in London. A similar shaving set of lesser quality was for sale for £475.00 (~$750.00! USD) Mel Croner, California (silver tip badger shaving set)

Emily, I want to let you know how pleased I am with my recent order of the Starter Kit. First of all, I was totally amazed and shocked at the speed of delivery. I placed my order on Friday and received it Monday, and all the way across country no less. My local service is not even that fast. You must have an in with USPS. What excellent service!

Secondly, your products are fantastic. I have just discovered wet shaving over the last several months after too many years of frustration with having to "plow my face under" everyday. I finally had enough of constant cuts, nicks, scrapes, and raw skin. I had heard and read so much about the benefits of wet shaving, so I thought I would give it a try. My very first shave was from my father using a brush and soap, and I once had a barber shave with a straight razor and remember how great both of them were. Until I found your website through various searches, I had been experimenting with various products from all ends of price and quality. Having now used your products, I am of the opinion that yours are, by far, clearly superior to anything else out there that I am aware of including those so-called "high-end" products. Money truly does not buy everything.

My knowledge of essential oils and natural fragrances has been fairly limited, but has increased over recent years as I have been moving away from chemicals toward more natural products. Being a guy, I have never paid too much attention to men's cosmetics or grooming products anyway. Give me some foam, a blade, and some stink and I was fine. Or so I thought. One use of your pre-shave oil and glycerin soap was the difference between night and day, even with a cheap multi-bladed razor. Other than the barber shave I mentioned earlier, I have never experienced the close, comfortable shave that I have been getting since starting to use your products. Even similar products from other companies did not give me the results I get from your products.

My skin is softer, smoother, and with no "after-burn". I'm sure it has to do with the naturalness of your products vs. the chemicals in others. And, the fragrances of your after shave lotions and balms are just right. I have never been much of a "stink" fan, but somehow your products seem to complete things properly. Anyway, I am convinced, sold, reformed, and what-have-you. Thank you for your products.I wish you continued success and hope you are around a long time in the world of Internet commerce. You will definitely have a returning customer here. Sincerely, Barry Laks, Georgia (silver tip starter set)

I received your package on Tuesday and shaved with your products on Wednesday. Well needless to say I will be tossing out my... {specific companies mentioned not included}. I am relatively new to wet shaving, but your products blow away the English creams. I received a far more closer shave, and my face has never felt more lubricated. I think people get caught up in nostalgia when it comes to the English products. I love the glycerin shaving soap, the Bay Rum scented splash and the after shave balm. You have a new customer. Glad I found you and great stuff! Kurt Voytell, Maryland (men's shaving and toiletry items)

Thanks for the prompt and effective delivery. I truly have enjoyed the first couple of shaves. The brush and glycerin soap make all the difference.

In short, making the purchase and enjoying your product has been a most pleasurable experience. Not only that, but my wife Sally (home at 1 this morning after a long meeting) was so impressed with the look of the set that she awakened me to ask about it! Shaves are great, sleep is not!

Best to you. I'll be back for other products, including gifts for any friends who are not into electric razors! In the meantime, if you want a positive referral source, I volunteer! David Ellison, California (silver tip badger shaving set)

Dear Em, Thank you once again. My order of Shave Cream, Aftershave, razors and new false horn handle Sensor razor arrived on Monday after just ordering them on Thursday. My wife loves the smell of the Relaxation Jojoba Lotion over the Minty Menthol. And so do I, that’s why I ordered the 8 oz. size on that one. You were right about the Nickel and Galaith Handle Sensor Head Razor. It is a very Beautiful Razor and the Galaith handle is quite husky in size. It has to be displayed in our bathroom. Thank you and nice doing business with you again. Ray Santé, California (men's wet shaving products)

Dear Ms. Witherspoon: I wish to thank you for providing me once again, the zenith of online shopping experiences. This, coupled with your myriad collection of soaps, creams, razors and free information, (and on and on...), I always find that you have what I need, at the best price, the best shipping rates, and the items are always in stock. While I have ordered from other online wet shaving product sellers before I came across your site on one of the forums, I doubt I will trade again with them. You have what I need at the best price and the best service. Why should I go elsewhere? I commend you for providing wet shavers with the highest quality products backed by the highest quality service. Feel free to use this as a testimonial, should you wish. Mr. Whipple, Texas (men's wet shaving products)

I really enjoy the Minty Menthol After Shave Body Splash and the Minty Menthol Soother Balm. I've never experienced its like. I've tried many other quality products and none give me the ongoing moisturizing and skin soothing sensations as your product. In my humble opinion this just goes to show that naturally based skin care products will always be above the rest. I hope you stay in business forever! Jason Garner, Oregon (men's toiletry items)

Dear Emily, I just wanted to let you know how happy my husband is with this new badger shaving brush. He demonstrated to me how much softer the badger bristles are than his old brush by lathering my face with both - a unique experience. I can see why he is pleased. It is a fine, full brush and looks elegant on the shelf in its shiny new holder. Thanks for your help in selecting a perfect birthday gift for him. A happy internet shopper. S. Whiteman, New York (silver tip brush and holder)

Hi Em, I've been using the items I ordered for about two months now and I'm happy to report that I'm as pleased now as I was from the first day I shaved with this badger shaving kit. The first thing that hits you is the quality of the products. If anyone is having second thoughts about taking the leap (read; spending the money for an upper end set), all I can say is... "Rest Easy, you won't be sorry." The difference between the feel of a regular... {off-the-shelf] razor handle and what you're offering is akin to moving from a Bic pen to a Mont Blanc, or from using some cheap-o wrench as opposed to a Snap-On.

As far as the brush is concerned, all I can say is "Wow, what a difference!" I get a nice firm lather and the bristles hold the warmth of the water, which feels really good against your face. VERY different from my old generic brush. The shave I'm getting is the closest, most comfortable I've ever had. Shaving is no longer a chore. Now I actually kind of enjoy it. And the clean-up is a snap.

The only thing that could be interpreted as a "down side" is that the nickel finish on the kit makes the chrome fixtures in my bathroom look sort of chintzy. So now I have to spend the cash on a new faucet and towel racks just so they can look as good as my shaving kit :-)

Last but definitely not least, I would be remiss if I didn't mention what a real pleasure it has been to deal with you. The personal attention that you placed on my order was an unqualified plus. I've told several of my friends that they should drop hints to their girlfriends, wives or kids that a gift from your site would be much more appreciated than another tie. Or if that doesn't work, just buy the stuff for yourself. Thanks! Len Arcadipane, Nevada (fine taper badger set and glycerin shaving soap)

Hi Emily, I purchased a number of products from you a week or two ago and have been using them since. I bought three creams, antioxidant, rose water, and lavender. All are superb. My wife absolutely loves the rose water cream. The lavender she may never get back! The A/S splash is working great. Just the thing after a shave. The balms really are rich and I only use them sparingly. A little goes a long way. I just wanted to say that you provide a very great value from your products. Em's gets a big thumbs up from me. Regards, Todd Gleason, Kansas (men's wet shaving toiletry products)

My husband is crazy about his brushes... he said "You've turned the worst thing I have to do every day into my favorite thing to do!" ...and you may use that quote in your promotions if you like. Thank you for such good products. J. Randall, North Carolina (shaving brushes and toiletries)

Em, BRAVO... After using other products and following the mathematical/geographical rocket science type of instructions on a "message forum" source, I was looking for a less complex and simple routine for a close, comfortable shave. I commend you on a realistic shaving approach "that works" without reinventing the wheel. The Futur razor, Merkur blades, quality top grade badger brush (the long handle model you recommended is great for me) and your glycerin based shave bar all follow the basic male's shaving instinct, and a great shave follows. DON'T PRESS DOWN, a double edge razor provides plenty of its own weight and pressure!

After previously following this elaborate philosophy of shave North to South then Northeast to Southwest, angle the razor head at precisely 30 degrees, take two or more minutes of lather distribution in a clockwise pattern and use special blades with the most expensive razor... it was, and is, so much nonsense! Incidentally, I shave in the shower and am now enjoying the best shaves I've ever had (after shaving for 50 years) - of course be very careful in the shower with a double edge. Again Em, thank you for your suggestions and the road to a more simple, and enjoyable shave and smoother than a baby's behind After all, it's not rocket science! By the way, the Lavender After Shave Balm is outstanding. From a new life long customer. Mike Baker, Atlanta (double edge razor shaving set and toiletries)

I have been using the pre-shave oil for almost two weeks and I have to say it is the best I have ever used. The scent is not overpowering, it goes on easy (and a little does go a long way) and still allows the shave soap to foam, which is a problem I have had with some of the others I have used. I will not go back to any of the others I have used in the past. This is by far the best to use and the best value! Awesome products. Don Gibson, Illinois (men's wet shaving products)

Em, Thank you for discussing with me, and sending, the Merkur Vision Five Piece Set as quickly as you did. I had the chance to give it a try this morning - Fantastic! The best shave I've experienced in a long, long while. That's saying something when it has been over twenty years since I've used a double edge safety razor. As you suggested use NO PRESSURE and take your time.

After a couple of fully closed passes and slightly opening up each successive pass, I found the setting needed and what a shave this razor produces. It is the finest piece of shaving equipment I have ever dealt with and makes my previous fine razors seem like toys in comparison. The brush as well is excellent and certainly comparable to other high end shave brushes I have used. I particularly like your included notes on use as they are dead on. I can't wait until tomorrow morning. Thank you again for your help and I'll certainly order again soon. Best Regards, Mark Chaney, Charlotte, North Carolina (double edge razor shaving set and toiletries)

Hi Emily, First I want to thank you. You were so helpful to me and I am thrilled with the five piece shaving set. It's the first time I ever used your products and must say everything you sent me, (the four products plus the shaving set), are first class. Words can not explain the exceptionally smooth and easy shave I had.

My wife is also thrilled over your Botanical Soap Gift Basket. It smells so good and looks fantastic. It's a must to keep in mind to give as a present to someone you cherish as anyone would be delighted. Also your prompt shipment is appreciated. Thank you again for all, it was one of the most satisfying purchases I've ever made in my 65 years. Dieter M., California (shaving set and toiletries)

I absolutely love my new shaving brush! What a difference REAL badger hair is! I never could have imagined a better shave! You have great products and good prices and fast service. I hope your company is doing well because I will continue to do business with you for a long time to come. In addition, last year I bought a shaving set from you for my father and he uses it every day. It's nice to know he begins his day thinking of his son, who cared that he start his morning with the best shave possible. He's a great dad and deserves it! Best regards, Neal Yanoff, Kentucky (shaving brush and set)

I need to thank you once again - my husband is very happy with the shaving set! He said that it is one of the best gifts he has ever been given. All the best, Sanna Heinila, (silver tip badger shaving set)

Emily, I absolutely love doing business with you. I haven't tried out my most recent order, but will be shortly. However, I have placed 2 orders with you and will no doubt be placing many, many more! Your business is at a minimum TOP NOTCH!!! Your standard shipping is always here in 48 hours! I have actually paid for express shipping from other companies and waited 8 days for delivery. Your communication and products are incredible too. I will no doubt be recommending you to fellow wet shavers and even my wife for a few things too. Thanks for being what a business is supposed to be in a time when all the others have forgotten about customer service/satisfaction. That alone will sell products. Keep up the good work and I look forward to doing business with you in the future. Chuck from Ohio (men's wet shaving products)

I have just received my order of a Polished and Satin Nickel Silvertip Shave Set, pre-shave oil and cucumber aftershave. I want to express my absolute satisfaction with your products. I had been looking for a matched shaving set with a Silvertip brush and had more or less accepted that I would have to pay $500 to $700 for a quality set. The ... {specific company mentioned not included} comes to mind. When I stumbled on your site, I thought it was almost too good to be true.

You offer products surpassing the quality of other wet shaving sets and many of them are under $200. In a luxury industry almost devoid of competition, you are a welcome breath of fresh air. Your Silvertip brushes are fuller, whiter and just as well made as brushes offered by other companies, the only difference being I paid for a set what I would have paid for a single brush elsewhere. I hope you continue to offer this wonderful alternative to high price, lesser quality brands. I will be recommending your site to anyone in the market for wet shaving items and I will definitely be purchasing from you in the future. Feel free to add this to your testimonials page. Hunter Dedman, Arizona (silver tip badger shaving set and men's toiletries)

Hi Emily, it's me, Don from Virginia reordering these wonderful products. I never enjoyed shaving as much as I have since finding your web site! Thanks for what you do. Donald Travis, Virginia (men's toiletries)

I just received my head blade and accessories today. I JUST tried it out tonight I've been shaving my head LONG before it became fashionable. THIS PRODUCT IS GREAT. It's a tremendous product. I've tried every kind of razor there is to try to get a good shave on my head and NOTHING has come close (pun intended) in comfort or in the ease or closeness of the shave. I'm glad I found the product. I'll be a customer as long as I have hair left on my head to shave. M. J. Pantaleo, New Jersey (HeadBlade)

Hi Emily: Just wanted to let you know that the shaving set for my husband's B-day on Friday was delivered already on Wednesday. Wow! what great service. The set is absolutely BEAUTIFUL and exactly what I wanted, but honestly just better looking than I ever imagined. The literature really does not show how amazingly good looking this set is. My husband is THRILLED!!! He LOVES it and had absolutely no idea! Good luck, and I am currently your newest and biggest disciple! Liesl Nel, Texas (silver tip badger shaving set)

I received the shaving brush on Monday, very quick service!. Thank you for your help in selecting the brush, I used it this morning, it is perfect, and a vast improvement over my other brushes. All the items I've purchased are very good and enjoyable. My wife likes the creams and soaps very much. Thank you for a sincere and quality place to shop .I wish you the very best! L. Ficchi, New York (men's shaving supplies and toiletries)

I have used other quality shaving soap, but none compare with those of Em's Place. One gets a better lather, a smoother shave and a feeling of well being. Robert Black, South Carolina (men's toiletries)

I recently purchased your lavender soap. I can't tell you how pleased I am. This was my first purchase of hand crafted botanical soap and I will not go back to regular soap again. A lot of soaps would make my skin itch and leave red spots. My daughter told me to try hand made soap so I searched the web and found Em's Place. I was so pleased the first time I used the soap, it lathers great and left my skin soft and not feeling tight. It evens rinses clean and the aroma alone is wonderful. It leaves the bathroom smelling like a garden and it even got my husband's attention. He thought it was air freshener - surprise it's the soap. I just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful experience and plan to try other scents. D. Casteel in Corpus Christi, Texas (botanical soap)


It arrived and it looks GREAT! It's even nicer than I had envisioned. Thank you so much. The gift card is a lovely touch. I am truly pleased.
Marge MacKinnon, Washington (paperweight)

I just wanted to write and tell you that I received my order the other day and am VERY impressed!  I do Stained Glass work and some of my items are flower arrangements pressed between glass and/or bevels. I try to press my own flowers when I can but I never press enough and always end up having to buy them pre-pressed....I found some packages locally, but they're pretty expensive and knew I could do better looking on the internet.  I found quite a few websites, but yours is by far the cheapest, especially for the quality and quantity of products that you offer. I am very pleased with my order and will definitely be a repeat customer!  I can't wait to try many of the other products you offer...you have quite a wonderful array of different things. Elizabeth Partridge, Pontiac, MI (pressed flower sheets)

Thanks so much!!  I have tried several different pressed flower companies and yours are by far the best quality! Rodell, Tulip Designs, Oregon (pressed flower sheets)

I love working with the flowers I purchase from you.  I'm proud to use them in my creations. C. Dutton, Ohio (pressed flower sheets)

I ordered several pressed flowers sheets from Em's Place--and I received them TODAY!   They are beautiful, and I can't wait to start my projects.  Thanks so much for your speedy turnaround, the quality of your product, and the wonderful helpful hints enclosed as well. You've definitely got a repeat customer! Susan Downs, Massachusetts (pressed flower sheets)

Thank you so much for your prompt response and shipping of my order.  Also, thank you for answering my query a few days ago about using flowers in a wedding album. It is internet merchants like you that make internet shopping such a great thing.  Keep up the good work! Ward, Maryland (pressed flower sheets)