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There are two distinct types of lather material
. Hard soaps like glycerin rounds, and shaving creams. Both lather well with a brush but have slightly different techniques and attributes. Some men prefer the hard soaps, some prefer the creams and some actually use a combination of the two. Glycerin and hard soaps are generally more economical. They are thought to cut closer, be more slick and rinse clean. On the other hand, shaving creams are thought to create a denser lather and provide more cushion. If you’re not sure which type of product you will like try one of each to experiment and find out what works best with your razor of choice. Read our entire FAQ Soaps or Cream article.

In addition, the Em's glycerin shaving rounds are formulated with natural oils and extra glycerin for a long lasting shaving lather that rinses clean. Our botanical bath soaps, while not for creating shaving lather, retain natural glycerin and clean without stripping the skin of natural oils. Both kinds of soap are facial grade and can be used on the whole body.

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Trumper Hard Shavings Soap Refill
Product ID: tr-soapr
Trumper brand hard shaving soap rounds provide a nice, rich lather for a comfortable shave. Comes in a variety of scents. 80g refill soap. More Info
Price: $17.95

Em's Moisturizing Shaving and All-Purpose Gel
Product ID: MN-MSG-ozar
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This thick gel makes a shaving treat for your skin. Use about the size of a quarter and rub on shaving area - this is a brushless shaving gel, pre-shave lubricant or a touch-and-cut to complement any lathering style's final pass. More Info
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Tabac Shaving Soap Bowl with Soap
Product ID: mn-tab
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Tabac original tallow formula shaving soap in ceramic container provides a mild, creamy lather to soften hairs for a gentle shave. Has a stronger, tangy floral-spice, woodsy, musky aroma. Imported from Germany. 4.4 oz. soap comes in ceramic bowl. 3" soap diameter. More Info
Price: $26.95

Em's Alum Block
Product ID: EM-ALUM-oz
Based on 2 ratings. (View)
Pure Potassium Alum in two sizes: 3 ounce stone or 4 ounce stone with basket. Wet block with water and rub gently over skin then rinse off. Used after shaving to close pores or as an antiseptic for minor nicks and abrasions. More Info
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Proraso Shaving Soap Jar Green Tea
Product ID: pror-jr-wh
Proraso white shaving soap jar. Shaving soap in a 5 oz. (150 ml) plastic container has a semi-hard consistency. Has oatmeal extract and green tea for sensitive skin. More Info
Price: $10.95

Gold Dachs Soap and Plastic Container
Product ID: mn-gdpb
Gold Dachs (aka "Rivivage") Classic European shaving soap from Germany has a heady clean scent. Comes in black plastic stay closed tab lock bowl with soap. Soap is 60 gram and 2 3/4" diameter at widest part. Lid has the Gold Dachs logo design. More Info
Price: $15.95

Proraso After Shave Sensitive Skin Balm
Product ID: pror-balm
Proraso after shave balm from Italy for sensitive skin. This thin light balm is alcohol-free for sensitive skin. Use after shaving to moisturize and protect. Contains oatmeal extract and green tea to nourish. Comes in a 3.6 oz. (100 ml) bottle. More Info
Price: $16.00

Trumper Astor Cologne - 100 ml
Product ID: tr-ast
A subtle and gentle fragrance including sandalwood and caraway. Comes in glass screw top splash bottle. 3.5 fl. oz (100 ml) More Info
Price: $67.95

Trumper Atomizer Cologne - Extract of Limes 1.75 oz
Product ID: tr-exl
Based on 1 ratings. (View)
A light and refreshing all-purpose cologne made from the exquisite West Indian Extract of Limes. One of their most famous products. 1.75 oz atomizer (50 ml). More Info
Price: $32.50

Trumper Eucris Eau de Toilette - 100 ml
Product ID: tr-feuc
A sophisticated eau de toilette with top notes of black currant, cumin and coriander, the heart of jasmine and muguet with warm base notes of sandalwood, musk and moss. Comes in glass screw top splash bottle. 3.5 fl. oz (100 ml) More Info
Price: $69.95

Trumper Cologne - Sandalwood
Product ID: tr-fsan
Has citrus notes of bergamot and lemon combined with lavender, clary sage and spice, a floral heart of white jasmine, carnation, geranium and rose supported a base of sandalwood, patchouli, amber, vanilla and a hint of leather. Comes in atomizer glass bottle. 1.75 fl. oz (50 ml) More Info
Price: $58.75

Trumper Cologne Marlboro - 100 ml
Product ID: tr-mar
A clean aromatic fragrance including lavender, geranium and cedarwood. Comes in glass screw top splash bottle. 3.5 fl. oz (100 ml) More Info
Price: $67.50

Trumper Cologne Eau de Portugal - 100 ml
Product ID: tr-port
An invigorating fragrance includes notes of sweet orange, bitter orange, neroli and musk. Comes in glass screw top splash bottle. 3.5 fl. oz (100 ml) More Info
Price: $65.95

Trumper Cologne Spanish Leather - 100 ml
Product ID: tr-spn
A stimulating warm, woody fragrance with subtle notes of geranium, rose, clove bud, musk and patchouli. Comes in glass screw top splash bottle. 3.5 fl. oz (100 ml) More Info
Price: $69.50

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