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There are two distinct types of lather material
. Hard soaps like glycerin rounds, and shaving creams. Both lather well with a brush but have slightly different techniques and attributes. Some men prefer the hard soaps, some prefer the creams and some actually use a combination of the two. Glycerin and hard soaps are generally more economical. They are thought to cut closer, be more slick and rinse clean. On the other hand, shaving creams are thought to create a denser lather and provide more cushion. If you’re not sure which type of product you will like try one of each to experiment and find out what works best with your razor of choice. Read our entire FAQ Soaps or Cream article.

In addition, the Em's glycerin shaving rounds are formulated with natural oils and extra glycerin for a long lasting shaving lather that rinses clean. Our botanical bath soaps, while not for creating shaving lather, retain natural glycerin and clean without stripping the skin of natural oils. Both kinds of soap are facial grade and can be used on the whole body.

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Gold Dachs - aka Rivivage Shaving Soap
Product ID: mn-gd
Based on 1 ratings. (View)
Gold Dachs (aka "Rivivage") Classic European shaving soap from Germany has a heady clean scent. Comes in aluminum screw thread bowl with soap, as a single refill or in a two pack. Soap is 60 gram and 2 3/4" diameter at widest part. More Info
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Styptic Powder - Vial
Product ID: MN-SP-V
Nick Relief styptic powder vial helps stop the bleeding for shaving nicks and minor cuts. Easy to use. 1/3 oz. plastic vial. More Info
Price: $3.95

Proraso After Shave Splash Eucalyptus - Refresh
Product ID: pror-spl-lo
Proraso after shave splash from Italy. It is also known as their lotion, even though it has a liquid consistency. Use after shaving to cool and tone. Contains eucalyptus oil and menthol to refresh, witch hazel to tone and alcohol to tighten. Comes in a 3.6 oz. (100 ml) bottle. More Info
Price: $14.00

Em's Glycerin Shaving Soap Rounds
Product ID: mn-gbr
Based on 13 ratings. (View)
3 oz. regular size glycerin shaving or cleansing round in your choice of essential oil blends is great for use with shaving brushes and is the refill size for our shaving sets (or use your own container). 2 3/4" approx. diameter. Enriched with extra glycerin. Can be used for gentle face or body cleansing too! What could be more convenient. More Info
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Em's Lathering Shave Cream
Product ID: EM-SC-ozar
Based on 6 ratings. (View)
A creamy, moisturizing lather with lots of glide that rinses clean. Contains no colorants, synthetic fragrances or other harsh ingredients and formulated for sensitive skin. Pure essential oils are used for aroma. Shake before use. Note: We are sad to announce that due to supply chain and other issues, this product will no longer be available once the current stock is sold out. More Info
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Em's Glycerin Shaving Soap in Handy Tub
Product ID: MN-GTUB-ar
Based on 5 ratings. (View)
Glycerin shaving soap in handy tub for those that prefer this type of container. Comes with twice as much soap as our regular glycerin shaving rounds in unscented or with Em's essential oil blend. Tub is 3 1/4" diameter. Contains six ounces soap. More Info
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Em's Pre-Shave and Body Oil
Product ID: bc-ps
Based on 9 ratings. (View)
A special combination of vitamin rich, light, cold-pressed natural oils to soften and protect for a smooth, comfortable shave. Wash face and soften hairs with warm water, massage pre-shave oil onto shaving area and apply lather on top. Use sparingly, a little goes a long way. More Info
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Em's After Shave Soother and Light Moisture Balm
Product ID: MN-SS-ozar
Based on 9 ratings. (View)
A notably soothing after shave balm or light lotion that will leave your skin feeling smooth and refreshed. Can be used instead of an after shave for dry skin or over an aftershave when more conditioning and moisturizing is desired. A little goes a long way. More Info
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Trumper Shaving Cream in Screw Top Tub
Product ID: tr-scj
This carefully formulated glycerin based soft shaving creams give an excellent lather for a comfortable shave. Large size tub for lots for shaves. 7 oz. (200g) More Info
Price: $30.95

Em's Scented After Shave and Body Splash
Product ID: MN-AS-ozar
Based on 4 ratings. (View)
Use this gentle, natural and alcohol-free splash to freshen and tone anytime. The witch hazel provides a mild astringent while the hydrosol and botanicals replace lost moisture and enrich your skin. Has a light fragrance from the essential oils. More Info
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Powder Coated Metal Palm Bowl with Soap
Product ID: mn-dach
Powder coated metal palm bowl in black or white is for holding soap in your palm to create quick and easy lather, but keeps the soap from sliding out of your hand. Comes with Gold Dachs shaving soap. Approx. 3" top inside diameter by 1" high. More Info
Price: $14.95

Thai Crystal Deodorant Stone
Product ID: MN-TC-oz
Based on 1 ratings. (View)
Thai Crystal is 100% pure and natural. Easy to use... Just moisten the stone and apply to your body like any roll-on product. Eliminates body bacteria growth, is hypoallergenic and non-staining. 4,25 oz. with screw on top. Mineral salt crystal (Potassium Alum) More Info
Price: $8.95

Em's All-Natural Witch Hazel After Shave Splash
Product ID: MN-WAS-oz
Based on 2 ratings. (View)
After shave splash, skin freshener and astringent. This pure witch hazel distillate is the real thing. Mild, natural witch hazel with no added alcohol to tone and tighten. Includes lavender and tea tree essential oils for beneficial skin care properties. Great for face and body anytime. More Info
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Em's Glycerin Soap Stick
Product ID: MN-GSTK-ar
Based on 1 ratings. (View)
2 3/4 oz. glycerin shaving soap stick in your choice of unscented or with Em's essential oil blend is great for use with a shaving brush. What could be more convenient. Simply rub soap over whiskers and then take a damp shaving brush to create lather on your face. More Info
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