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Nickel Finish Metal Palm Bowl with Lid - Seconds
Product ID: mn-bltp
Nickel finish metal palm bowl with lid. Use for your shaving soap round and cover when not in use. A little over 3" inside top diameter by 1 1/2" deep.
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Large Ceramic Mug
Product ID: mn-cmug
Ceramic straight sided mug in two styles. White mug has a lower shaving brush motif border. Both mugs are approx 3" high. The white mug is approx 3 3/4" and the black mug is approx 3 1/2" inside diameter. More Info
Price: $22.95

Rubber wood lather bowl with plastic insert
Product ID: mnd-lbwd
Rubber wood lather bowl with plastic insert comes with or without "Outdoors" glycerin soap. Wooden portion is approx. 4 3/4" at the widest outside diameter by 2 1/4" high. The plastic insert is approx. 3 1/8" inside diameter by 1 5/8" deep. More Info
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English Pewter Mug
Product ID: mnpv-pm
Pewter footed mug. Hand crafted pewter made in Sheffield, England. Available with or without our "Outdoors" glycerin 2 3/4" regular round. Mug is approx. 2 1/4" inside height by 3 5/8" at the inside upper rim. Overall height is 3". More Info
Price: $49.25

Porcelain Shaving Bowl
Product ID: mntb-lb
Available with or without our "Outdoors" glycerin 2 3/4" regular round. Bowl is 2 1/4" high by 4 3/4" outer top diameter. Inside diameter is a perfect fit for our refill glycerin shaving soap rounds. More Info
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Nickel or Golded Brass Finish Shaving Bowl with Base
Product ID: mntb-lbn
Nickel finish shaving bowl with base. Available with or without our "Outdoors"" glycerin 2 3/4" regular round. Bowl is 2 1/2" high by 3 1/4" wide. More Info
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Jojoba Oil "In a Class by Itself"
Product ID: MO-J-oz
One of the best all-around natural oils that is a liquid wax ester. Mixes naturally with our skin's fluids because it contains large quantities of an ester almost identical human sebum, the skin's natural restorative fluid. More Info
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Plastic Straight Razor Holder
Product ID: str-case
Black plastic straight razor case/coffin. Use to protect your razor for travel or storage. Make sure razor is completely dry before putting into holder. Case is appox. 6 1/2" long, 1 1/4" wide by a littleover 5/8" deep. More Info
Price: $7.95

Blue Plastic Travel Jar with Screw Top Lid
Product ID: tv-blupl
Blue plastic single wall container with black screw top lid. Approx. 3 1/8" inside diameter by 2" deep. More Info
Price: $3.75

Pure Vegetable Glycerin
Product ID: MO-GL-oz
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Glycerin is a sweet, syrupy, colorless, water soluble liquid naturally derived from vegetable oils or is a by-product of soap making. Soothing skin emollient, lubricant, and humectant which helps skin retain moisture. More Info
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Protection Balm for Horn Brushes and Accessories
Product ID: hn-rub
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Horn protection balm to keep items supple. Use a drop or two and rub on surface. Leave on for several hours to overnight. Then wipe or hand buff off any remaining residue. Made in Germany. 10 ml. (.34 fl. oz.) More Info
Price: $9.95

Moustache Wax
Product ID: mn-mw
Moustache Wax with brush/comb provides a simple way to style your moustache, beard, sideburns and eyebrows. Make those hairs behave the way you want. Clubman brand 1/2 oz. tube.More Info
Price: $5.95

Ivory Finish Ceramic Shaving Scuttle
Product ID: mn-scut
Ivory finish ceramic scuttle. In the days before running water, hot water was placed inside the scuttle for dipping the brush into, and then making lather with the soap that sat in the small top bowl. Today, this good looking authentic, traditional style of scuttle is mostly for decoration and harkens back to yesteryear. It can be functional for smaller bristle brushes if wanting to go old-school, and is a handsome addition to anyone's shave den. More Info
Price: $27.50

Biker Chain Design Razor with Stand
Product ID: em-rzbch
Biker Chain cartridge blade razor. What could be more cool than to have a bike chain razor and sprocket style stand for display. Comes with display stand. Nickel finish. Heavy weight. Uses Mach3 blade by Gillette. More Info
Price: $79.95

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