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HeadBlade Branded Hanging Toiletry Bag
Product ID: hb-bag
HeadBlade branded hanging toiletry bag made from heavy nylon like the kind found on many backpacks. It can hang when open for added convenience. If you like lots of compartments for organizing then this bag's for you! Outside the bag there are two zippered compartments. Inside there are two zippered mesh enclosures and five elasticized ones. Approx. measurements: 10" wide, 9" tall, 3" gusset when closed. Bag only. More Info
Price: $19.95

FaceBlade Travel Razor
Product ID: hb-fbl
FaceBlade travel razor. A great light weight razor with folding blade arm for convenience when traveling. Approx. 3.5" length when closed and 6.5" length overall by approx. 1 3/4" across at the widest part. Comes with two HeadBlade triple blade cartridges and two adapters. More Info
Price: $7.00

HeadBlade Razor
Product ID: hb-rzb
The HeadBlade makes your hand (and fingers) the handle. This gives you more control. This model has hard rubber wheels and improved axle for better control, black and yellow two-tone design and rubberized finger ring for even better grip. Comes with Atra compatible adapter standard with blade and a Sensor compatible adapter for use with a Sensor blade (Sensor blade not included). More Info
Price: $15.00

HeadBlade Triple Blade Refill Kit
Product ID: hb-trp
HB Triple Blade Kit for maintaining peack performance. These technology advanced blades use a micro tilted grinding system for a smooth shave. Includes 4 lubricated double blade cartridges, 2 replacement adapters for use with an Atra compatible blade and 1 HeadBlade caliper. Let the blade glide across your head - no pressure. More Info
Price: $8.95

Bic Classic Sensitive Single Edge Disposable Razor - 5 pack
Product ID: rz-bcl
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Simple design with a non-moving, sleek head. This Bic classic sensitive single edge blade is good for hard to reach areas trimming or for general shaving needs. comes in 5-pack. More Info
Price: $2.95

Botanical Bath Bar - Lemongrass
Product ID: so-lem
Invigorating zesty lemongrass makes a great purifying skin tonic. Includes oatmeal, bran and dried lemongrass to cleanse and smooth your skin. Long lasting bar for all skin types. Gourmet soap looks good and smells great! 3.5 oz. hand cut bars. More Info
Price: $5.95

Botanical Bath Bar - Peppermint
Product ID: so-pep
The fresh aroma and feel of peppermint makes a good energizing way to start the day. Contains essential oil and dried, crushed peppermint. 3.5 oz. hand cut bars. More Info
Price: $5.95

Botanical Bath Bar - Spice
Product ID: so-spi
Purifying and healing. This spicy bar includes clove oil reputed as a beneficial deodorant soap with powdered cinnamon to help exfoliate. Long lasting bars for all skin types. Gourmet soap looks good and smells great! 3.5 oz. hand cut bars. More Info
Price: $5.95

Botanical Bath Bar - Tangerine
Product ID: so-tan
Upbeat scent of natural citrus includes olive oil and tangerine essential oil for a cleansing and zesty experience. Scent is similar to orange. 3.5 oz. hand cut bars. More Info
Price: $5.95

Merkur Moustache Blades - 10 pack
Product ID: bld-mrkm
Based on 1 ratings. (View)
Merkur brand moustache blades. Ten-pack. Note: Please do not confuse these for the regular double edge blades. These are smaller and only for the Merkur moustache razor. More Info
Price: $4.95

Personna Brand Bikini Razors - 3 pack
Product ID: bld-bkni
From American Safety Razor Company this 3-pack of disposable razors has a small head to reach delicate areas. More Info
Price: $2.95

Styptic Pencil
Product ID: MN-SP-op
Astringent styptic pencil helps stop the bleeding for shaving nicks and minor cuts. Easy to use 1/4 oz. pencil. More Info
Price: $3.95

Em's Shampoo and Body Wash
Product ID: BC-SG-ozar
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Fresh and gentle with lots of moisturizing foam. Natural oils and extracts to pamper your skin and hair while cleansing. Great for all skin types. Available in a variety of essential oil blends. Use as a shampoo or body wash. More Info
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Bookmarks with Banner Cut Motif and Abstract Image
Product ID: bm-mn-b2
*SOLD* Handmade bookmark with banner cut motif makes a great gift for the book enthusiast. Handcrafted using abstract image designer paper and laminated for protection. Includes suede ribbon page marker to mark the spot. Approx. 6" long by 2" at widest part. Note: Item only available in a quantity of one. More Info
Price: $2.75
Out of Stock

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