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Merkur Double Edged Long Handle Razor
Product ID: merk-lh
Chrome double edged long handle razor for larger hands or when a longer handle grip is desired. This is a three part razor. More Info
Price: $35.95

Shark Super Chrome Double Edge Blades - 5 pack
Product ID: bld-srk
Shark super chrome stainless steel polymer coated double edge safety razorblades for a smooth, close shave. Made in Egypt. Comes in a five pack. More Info
Price: $1.95

Merkur Chrome Double Edged Razor with Toothed Rim
Product ID: merk-tee
Chrome double edged razor with toothed rim works good for even closer shaves or for beard grooming. However, the toothed model may not be as comfortable for direct skin contact as the regular straight cut head models. More Info
Price: $33.95

Golded Brass and Rosewood Fixed Head Razor
Product ID: rzt-trwb
Golded brass and lathe turned rosewood handle razor with fixed head. Uses Trac II cartridges. Light weight handle. Approx. 5 1/4" in total length, 1.20 oz. weight. More Info
Price: $38.95

Merkur Antique Style Razor
Product ID: merk-atq
Based on 1 ratings. (View)
Chrome double edged razor with faceted diamond pattern handle. Modeled after the 1904 antique Gillette brand safety razor. Choice of straight or toothed head. However, the toothed head may not be as comfortable for direct skin contact. More Info
Price: $29.95

Empty Merkur Hard Plastic Case
Product ID: merk-pb
Based on 1 ratings. (View)
Empty plastic case makes a good travel companion for your standard length (not long handle) 2 razors. Includes area for package of replacement blades. For use with razors that are 3 1/2 inches in total length or less. More Info
Price: $7.95

Sharp Double Edge Blades - 10 pack
Product ID: bld-srp
The edge is extremely sharp and acts easily against tough beards while giving a smooth shave. Swiss Quality Hi Chromium. 10-pack of blades. More Info
Price: $2.65

Merkur Leather Razor Pouch
Product ID: merk-pchl
Futur or Vision razor pouch. These pouches will also work for the long or regular handle models too. Razor not included. More Info
Price: Select

Zippered Leather Pouch
Product ID: merk-zipp
Zippered, soft leather razor pouch with interior leather lining. Holds the 2 Vision double edge razor and other razors up to 6" length. Razor heads can be inserted in either end. However, for double edge razors when including a pack of blades it is best to insert the head first and then place the pack of blades next to the handle near the zippered end. (Razor not included.) More Info
Price: $42.95

Big Ben Double Edge Safety Razor Blades - 5 pack
Product ID: bld-ben
Big Ben super stainless steel safety razor blades are sharp for a close shave. From the Lord Company and made in Egypt. Pack of five blades. More Info
Price: $1.85

Razor Holder for Merkur Adjustables
Product ID: merk-hld
Razor holder for 2 adjustable razors. Use this stand for the Progress, Futur or Vision model razors. It is especially hard to find just a razor stand for the larger Futur and Vision, and this stand works very well. Has weighted base. Choice of nickel or gold... (Razor/s not included.) More Info
Price: $31.95

Adapter for Fixed Head Razors
Product ID: merk-adap
Based on 1 ratings. (View)
Use 2 plastic blade adaptors to turn most fixed (Trac II compatable blade head) razor into an optional blade of choice from the following selections. Adaptor A, first picture: Atra compatible two blade swivel system. Adaptor B, second picture: Sensor two blade swivel system. Adaptor C, third picture: Schick protector blade system. More Info
Price: $2.95

Merkur Moustache Razor -  Chrome
Product ID: merk-mous
Chrome Merkur moustache razor works great for trimming goatees and other hair sculpting needs too. Note: Razor comes in cardboard box. More Info
Price: $29.95

Shark Professional Single Edge Barber Razor Blades
Product ID: bld-bbsk
Shark super stainless double edge razor blades already split in half for convenience when using the barber straight style razors that use replaceable double edge safety razor half-blades. Made in Egypt. Pack of 100 half blades. These also work with the DOVO Shavette when using the red holder. More Info
Price: $9.85

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