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Merkur double edger razors in this section are made by Dovo in Solingen, Germany. Known for their skilled and quality workmanship. Merkur-Dovo products are the right choice when considering price and performance. Merkur is a leading brand in the double edge razor market and you will find a variety of products offered here. Click here for safety razor sets. Click here for Merkur Brochure. Click here for more safety razors including TTO (twist to open) models. ~ Any regular double edge blade will fit all double edge razors.

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Product ID merk-pchl
Merkur Leather Razor Pouch
Futur or Vision razor pouch. These pouches will also work for the long or regular handle models too. Razor not included. More Info
Select Futur Pouch, $14.95
Vision Pouch, $16.95
Price: Select

Product ID merk-zipp
Zippered Leather Pouch
Zippered, soft leather razor pouch with interior leather lining. Holds the 2 Vision double edge razor and other razors up to 6" length. Razor heads can be inserted in either end. However, for double edge razors when including a pack of blades it is best to insert the head first and then place the pack of blades next to the handle near the zippered end. (Razor not included.) More Info
Price: $42.95

Product ID merk-hld
Razor Holder for Merkur Adjustables
Razor holder for 2 adjustable razors. Use this stand for the Progress, Futur or Vision model razors. It is especially hard to find just a razor stand for the larger Futur and Vision, and this stand works very well. Has weighted base. Choice of nickel or gold... (Razor/s not included.) More Info
Select Nickel
Price: $31.95

Product ID merk-mous
Merkur Moustache Razor -  Chrome
Chrome Merkur moustache razor works great for trimming goatees and other hair sculpting needs too. Note: Razor comes in cardboard box. More Info
Price: $29.95

Product ID MN-SP-op
Styptic Pencil
Astringent styptic pencil helps stop the bleeding for shaving nicks and minor cuts. Easy to use 1/4 oz. pencil. More Info
Price: $3.95


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