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"Selections with men in mind"
There is an evolving trend in male personal care products. Men want to smell and look good while promoting healthy skin and hair. Fragrant male skin care items and natural essential oil scents are in good taste and considered part of being manly. Great for gift giving too! Complement these items with men's shaving brushes and supplies. Explanation of scents.
We have brought together our most popular men's products to offer a variety of items for him. Many items include Em's exclusive essential oil blends popular with men. Visit the essential oils reference for aromatherapeutic information for the individual oils used.

Not sure what products may be right for you?
Visit the body care and toiletries information page..

Did you know?
The witch hazel used by Em's Place is a pure distillate from the Hamamelis virginana. It is pure and natural with no added alcohol. Compare the label from off-the-shelf store varieties and see for yourself!

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Product ID FC-FL-oz
Em's Foot Care Lotion
Pamper your feet with this moisturizing lotion and our specialty blend of foot care essential oils. Conditions while it moisturizes and softens. More Info
Size/Price 2 oz. $7.25
4 oz. $11.50
8 oz. $20.95
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Product ID FC-FC-oz
Em's Therapeutic Foot Cream
Creamy, rich, nourishing and luxurious. The ultimate foot care treat that leaves your feet feeling soft, silky and sweet smelling. Use this natural foot cream to hydrate and moisturize. Use sparingly, a little goes a long way. Includes our essential oil specialty foot blend of eucalyptus, lavender, tea tree, cypress and lemongrass essential oils which are beneficial for foot care. More Info
Size/Price 2 oz. Jar $12.95
4 oz. Jar $24.95
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Product ID MO-J-oz
Jojoba Oil "In a Class by Itself"
One of the best all-around natural oils that is a liquid wax ester. Mixes naturally with our skin's fluids because it contains large quantities of an ester almost identical human sebum, the skin's natural restorative fluid. More Info
Size/Price 2 oz. $7.50
4 oz. $12.95
8 oz. $24.75
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Product ID MO-GL-oz
Pure Vegetable Glycerin
Glycerin is a sweet, syrupy, colorless, water soluble liquid naturally derived from vegetable oils or is a by-product of soap making. Soothing skin emollient, lubricant, and humectant which helps skin retain moisture. More Info
Size/Price 2 oz. $4.50
4 oz. $7.95
8 oz. $15.75
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