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Shavette Razor from Dovo
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Shavette Razor from Dovo

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The Shavette® by DOVO makes a great starter razor for those wanting to gain experience with the straight razor shaving concept, for convenience or for edging and clean-up work on necks and sideburns, for example. Because the Shavette uses disposable razor blades there is no need for a strop, hone or sharpening compounds.

Comes with the red holder and one blade that you cut in half - uses one half of a regular double edge blade. Check out the related products for additional holders and blade options. For Example:

Red holder (included with a new razor) uses a standard size double edge razor blade that is snapped in half thereby getting two blades in one. Also works with the Derby professional blades that are already cut in half for convenience.

Black holder uses a longer double edge blade which is snapped in half thereby getting two blades in one.

Green holder is the most popular for straight razor style shaving and the blade has a single edge on the one side with smooth reinforced metal on the other.

Dovo Brand
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