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Merkur Futur Adjustable Razor Reviews for the product - Merkur Futur Adjustable Razor (Back to product)
4 Product Reviews - Average rating 4.8 / 5 (Best Rated | Worst Rated | Most Recent | Oldest)

Close to the shave of a Vision but lower maintenance

- 6/21/2015

I picked one up as a replacement for my aged and ailing Progress. From my first shave, I could tell that it was clearly superior; I could have kicked myself for not upgrading sooner.

BTW, I have a fast growing, heavy beard; unless I get a near BBS shave in the morning, I need to shave again at dinner! The Progress was my first razor that routinely let me skip that evening shave. The Progress, in turn, was noticeably better than a 1904-type Merkur, and the Futur takes it to yet another level -- for me, that is.

I had originally hit the site intending to go for the top-of-the-line Vision, but learnt soon enough that it had been discontinued a couple of years ago. I googled around and did find a few NOS pieces at inflated prices.

I surmised that the Futur was Merkur's attempt to deliver the shave quality of the Vision but with lower maintenance requirements (A Vision needs to be disassembled and cleaned with each blade change! And also, maybe decalsified, depending on your water.) I think they've succeeded. It's "too close to call" for me.

My tips:

- Great face prep
- Great cream or soap (Brit preferred) applied with a great brush (e.g., Simpson's)
- Use fresh blades
- Use a feather-light touch (pun optional) -- the opposite technique than with multiblade crap.
- Use only a moderate aggression setting (2-4) but use....
- ...3 passes & touch-up
- The last pass and touch-up are against the grain.

Great razor!

- 2/16/2014

I've been using a chrome Futur for more than a year and really enjoy the shaves I get with it. It came as part of a 3-piece set I no longer see on the site. I use the setting that is the most closed and lather twice per shave.

Gold Merkur Futur

- 4/1/2013

As German (in good ways) as it gets -- heavy, balanced and ideal for heavy beard -- just angle it against your face and let gravity do the work -- lift-off top is innovative and functional for blade replacement -- handle can get slippery but no problem with alum (or just drying your hands during shave) --

Merkur Futur Gold-Plated DE Razor

- 4/12/2012

Gives an excellent shave and looks sharp in gold.