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Merkur Adjustable Head Double Edged Razor
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Merkur Adjustable Head Double Edged Razor

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Merkur Progress model double edged two part razor with adjustable head allows the user to set the cutting blade exposure as desired. Comes in regular or long handle. The regular handle is also available with hard plastic case and ten-pack of blades. Double edge safety razor blades.

Regular handle razor is 3 1/2" total length and weighs 3 ounces. Long handle razor is just over 4" total length and weights 3.49 ounces.

These adjustable razors use the numbers 1 through 5 for blade gap - toward the 1 setting is most closed, toward the 5 setting is most open. Turning knob at base of handle releases the screw rod top for blade replacement and also adjusts the blade gap. Note: Video only shows the short handle model... video

Two part razors and have a long screw release for loading the blade. The screw release dial at the base of the handle is turned to loosen the screw.

Merkur Brand

~ Information about double edge razors and blade systems ~

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