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Em's Lathering Shave Cream
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Em's Lathering Shave Cream

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Notice: We are sad to announce that we will not longer be stocking this item. We will continue to stock our glycerin shaving soap that is extrmenty popular. Thank you for your understanding, Em
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Lathering Shave Cream (unscented)

- 4/20/2020

I've used a blade all my life and this is the best shave cream I have found over gels, soaps, brushless. It lubricates the shave and leaves my skin soft without being oily.

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- 1/20/2018

My last use and review of Em's shaving cream was December 2011. After using over 40 different shaving soaps from other venders over the last 6 years, decided to re-experience using Em's shaving cream. Just completed an enjoyable shave using the Minty Menthol aroma shaving cream.

It's no surprise that Em continues to provide one of the very best shaving creams on the market. I really appreciate how quickly I can develop extremely thick luxurious lather that provides the extra protection that I need. The calming menthol aroma was a super experience that allows the supporting aromas of Rosemary, Peppermint, Spearmint and Frankincense to also be experienced. Finally, new customers need to know that Em has not changed her price on her shaving creams over the last 6 years!!! That's incredible customer service!!!

Very Nice Shave

- 4/23/2015

The shave cream lathers up nicely for 3 passes with an inch on top of wet brush. Each pass lightly dip brush tips into water to regenerate layers of lather. My DE glides across face resulting in a very smooth shave. There are no runs cuts or errors (baseball season in full stride) and face feels very smooth. The smell is not overwhelming and dissapates upon rinsing. Add a touch of same scent After Shave Balm and face is in for a very smooth finish. I may add this collection to my rotation.

Em's Bay Rum Shaving Cream Rules!

- 12/3/2011

I have found that Em's bay rum scent is very special after using her Bay Rum shaving soap puck. I really like using "Em's super lathering" combination that involves mixing the same scent of Em's shaving soap plus cream. I think that that "Em's super lathering soap/cream "combination makes the very best thickness and lubrication for shaving. For me, Em's bay rum scent just brings the Zen of shaving to a higher level of personal satisfaction with DE shaving.

Em's Lathering Shave Cream Review

- 11/1/2011

Em's Shave Cream has worked extremely well.

Em's shave cream

- 9/17/2011

Nice rich cream, as good or better than any I've ever used. A bottle lasts a long time so it's a good value. All natural ingredients and you can feel good about ordering from a local American company.