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Em's Scented After Shave and Body Splash
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Em's Scented After Shave and Body Splash

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Use this gentle, natural and alcohol-free splash to freshen and tone anytime. The witch hazel provides a mild astringent while the hydrosol and botanicals replace lost moisture and enrich your skin. Has a light fragrance from the natural ingredients and essential oils. Now you can use a splash that does not irritate and over dry your skin as it nourishes and hydrates. Available in a variety of hydrosol and essential oil blends. Tone and tighten without drying and irritating your skin.

Balancing has sandalwood hydrosol, Bay Rum has geranium hydrosol, Lavender has lavender hydrosol, Lavender & Tea Tree (50/50 ratio) has lavender hydrosol, Lime Citrus has geranium hydrosol.  Outdoors has geranium hydrosol, Skindicinal has lavender hydrosol, Strengthening has rosemary hydrosol, Woodstock has sandalwood hydrosol.

Ingredients: Witch Hazel distillate (from Hamamelis virginana), Hydrosol, Glycerin,  Jojoba, Vit. E., Rosemary Extract, Black Willow Bark Extract, Grapefruit Seed Extract and Vit. C and Essential Oils in a variety of aromas.

Did you know? The witch hazel used by Em's Place is a pure distillate from the Hamamelis virginana. It is pure and natural with no added alcohol. Compare the label from off-the-shelf store varieties and see for yourself!

Em's Brand

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- 11/9/2020

I love this product and bought a few different ones until I found the "˜flavor" I liked. This product really finishes off the shave nicely without the alcohol burn. This scent is light and soothing. It doesn't linger like a bad habit as some of the cheap stuff you by in the box store.

Clean and fesh

- 8/1/2012

This lime-scented splash leaves me feeling fresh and clean, with a pleasant scent. If the scent lasted longer, it'd replace other products for me! It is a nicely soothing AS splash, though!


- 10/27/2011

Very light citrus based after shave. Works well and has light fragrance that lasts a short amount of time. Ideal for people that cannot wear fragrances due to work environment etc.

Lime Citrus

- 7/21/2011

I am a citrus guy from the word go! But this stuff smells Awesome. i find myself just opening the lid and sniffing it in the afternoon and evening! It really stopped some of the skin issues I seemed to be having after starting wet shaving again too?? Fabulous stuff!