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Em's After Shave Soother and Light Moisture Balm Reviews for the product - Em's After Shave Soother and Light Moisture Balm (Back to product)
9 Reviews. Account holders please share your knowledge of this product with others. Not logged in? (Login or create an account to review) - Average rating 4.9 / 5 (Best Rated | Worst Rated | Most Recent | Oldest)

Em's After Shave Soother & Light Moisture Balm

- 7/14/2019

I will echo the comments made by some of the other reviewers. This product is non greasy and leaves skin feeling soft and refreshed within minutes of application.

The concentration of Em's natural witch hazel in this lotion is just enough to tighten the skin a little but without the typical sting.

Like the others have stated, I've too have tried other balms, but I find this one far superior in quality and a just a little goes a long way.

Nice Finish

- 4/23/2015

Non greasy and does make the face feel very refreshed. Happy I found the cream and balm.

Who says shaving has to hurt?

- 9/27/2014

I just finished my first shave with Emily's products, including the after-shave balm. I was struck by how little my skin was irritated after the shave, but when I smoothed a little balm on my face after a good rinse, I think that my skin actually applauded. I've had issues with irritation most of my life (which is why I switched to a double-edge razor), but this balm calmed my skin completely.

Now, I don't know much about cosmetic formulation. Actually, wait...I don't know anything about cosmetic formulation. What I do know is that Emily has been able to formulate a balm that makes my skin feel like I didn't even shave at all. My skin is soft, cool, and really appreciating the natural ingredients that Emily uses in her balm. Clearly, she's hit upon a better thing for skin than the silicones that you find in other after-shaves. I'll continue to use this balm for the long haul.

Em's after shave balms

- 8/27/2012

No matter how great your razor, soap or cream, and technique, you need a really good after-shave balm to sooth your skin and prevent irritation. Em's balm is the best, enhanced by great fragrances that won't linger so long as to interfere with whatever cologne or other fragrance you normally use .

Best I've used

- 4/30/2012

Trust me, I've used far more expensive balms in the past and they have not provided the results as good as Em's. This balm is light, non-greasy and actually DOES something. The witch hazel that is in it tightens the skin but at the same time refreshes it and gives it moisture. I like to rub a little on after an aftershave as well. I've tried the expensive brands such as Truefitt and Hill or Trumper's and they don't do what this stuff does. In fact, I find them to be overly fragrant moisturizers.

Not Bad/Still Deciding

- 2/28/2012

It would seem that the aftershave is ok, its got a warming effect to me a few minutes after I apply it. However, I'm still deciding on whether to get more or not.

Great deal

- 2/13/2012

If you like a citrus (lemon/lime scent), this lotion is a marvelous aftershave balm,especially if you have sensitive skin like I do. Em has made up an excellent balm here at a very reasonable price. I'll certainly be buying more of it. Thanks Em.


Get this stuff!

- 12/11/2011

This stuff works very well. I sometimes use this after a splash and pat of Em's Witch Hazel. My skin is normal so if I use it too often it (my skin) feels a bit greasy. But, after a really close shave or 1st shave on a new blade, it feels great.

Great product

- 7/30/2011

Your after shave balm totally sooths irritated skin. Used over a splash you get the invigorating benefit of a scented after shave with the soothing action of the balm. True to label "a little goes a long way".