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Caps - Regular - Flip - Mist or Pump 
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Caps - Regular - Flip - Mist or Pump

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There may be times when you want to turn a splash into a spray or visa versa. In addition, if you are traveling a flip top splash cap will leak if a product is very thin or is liquid based. Therefore a regular lined cap will make things more travel safe. In the event, if you would like to supplement your cap/s there are several varieties offered here. Important: Please refer to the cap size information below in order to select the correct size desired.

Note: All Em's splashes in the blue bottle come with a regular cap for shipping purposes and a flip top splash cap for dispensing. Em's Hydro Plus Scent Sprays come with a fine mist spray top. Em's balms and lotions come with flip top dispensing top or pump.

> 2 oz. and 4 oz. selections in blue bottles have a 20 mm cap size.

> All natural bottles 2 oz. and above, plus the 8 oz. blue bottles, have a 24 mm cap size.

> The 15 mm lined cap is for the malibu tube only.

> The 24 mm pump top is for the natural bottles 2 oz. and above or the 8 oz. blue bottles. Will not fit the 20 mm 2 and 4 oz. blue bottles.

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