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Pressed Flower Art

FAQ - Color Enhancing and Care
of Pressed Flowers and Foliage

Why and when are pressed flowers and leaves color enhanced?

Em's personal philosophy about natural versus color enhancement is that as long as the natural look of the botanicals shine through, she doesn't have a problem with the use of color. For example, she rarely uses colored acrylic artist’s paint because she finds they make the flower or foliage look to “plastic-y” even when thinned down with water or a medium to dilute the paint. She has tried watercolor paints and found them to bead up on most botanicals tested, and seemed much to “wet” for a dried flower application. Colorant preference is a personal choice and as varied as the artist’s techniques and color mediums available to the artist. It has taken Em years of trial and error to find the mediums to use, or mix together, to work with the greatest number of flowers and foliage used in arrangements.

Color enhancement is a tinting procedure used for many of the flowers and foliage used in arrangements designed by Em personally and sold to the public. While arrangements can mellow or fade over time, it is important to her that customers have a design with color vibrancy that will last through the years when properly taken care of. Hence, pressed flower "art".

How do I care for pressed flower items?

To keep pressed flowers looking their best and long lasting, they should be kept dry and out of direct sunlight. In the case of jewelry, wear for special occasions, treat with care when cleaning or polishing and don't immerse in water. While the flowers are protected for reasonable wear and tear, care should be taken.