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Men's Wet Shaving, Gifts and Botanical Specialties

We specialize in men's wet shaving supplies, brushes, razors and Em's brand of botanical grooming products. Check out our selection of synthetic, boar and badger shaving brushes, cartridge and double edge safety razors, shaving mug soaps and lathering creams, aromatherapy, natural body care products for men and gifts. Creating warm lather with a shaving brush - "Not just for past generations but an evolving trend!" If you're looking for something different - this is the place...

Why use a shaving brush to wet shave? Read about it...

Starter Kit

New to Wet Shaving?
You may be wondering what all the fuss is about. What's so great about wet shaving with a brush, warm lather and your razor of choice. And how do you learn better technique so shaving isn't such a dreaded chore. Good news! We have the answers... Start with our Essential Concepts video.

On-line Shaving Products Index

Experienced Wet Shaver?
Cut to the chase and go straight to our online catalog for quick category browsing and product searching. We have a variety of supplies to help you stay well groomed and enjoy doing it at the same time. Shaving and body care doesn't have to be boring and the same-o, same-o... Change it up with different aromas, and try different products just for fun.

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Seconds and Closeouts
This is a popular section for good reason. Since we won't sell anything that doesn't live up to certain standards, you can be sure you are getting a quality product - any item with slight imperfections is just that... very slight. Be sure to check back often to see what we have available. Our selection of seconds and close-outs are a great way to try products at discount prices.

Essential Oils

Aromatherapy and Botanical Body Care
Pamper your body and soul with naturally based personal care products, bath and body soaps, essential oils, lotions, hair products and more... People are using botanicals and aromatherapy as a way to provide beneficial results, create atmosphere and stimulate the senses.

FAQ Reference Desk

Reference Desk and FAQ
The reference desk provides information and articles about wet shaving and includes a selection of videos. In addition, there is information about body care product ingredients ranging from carrier and essential oils, to minerals and additional ingredients.

Wet shaving provides an especially close shave and is often the answer to ingrown hairs and rash, especially if currently using an electric razor or foam from an aerosol can. Warm water softens the hair and makes your face more supple. It aids the facial hair in becoming more receptive to shaving and makes it easier to remove hairs without irritation.

A shaving brush is warm to the skin and raises the hair for shaving while massaging the face and improving skin circulation. It is kind, cleansing and mildly exfoliating. Using natural glycerin soap removes excess facial oil, is gentle to the skin and leaves your face feeling fresh and invigorated. For sensitive skin, avoid the use of after shaves or products that contain irritating alcohol and harsh ingredients found in many over-the-counter products.

To use a shaving brush: It's all about the water - too much and you get bubble water, too little and you get dry film and insufficient lather. Generally speaking, it is not a thick interfering foam like what is found in store brand shaving canisters, but rather a layer that allows the razor to slide along the face without too much foam to get in the way of a close shave. You can control the amount of lather created by how much water remains in the brush, how much soap or cream is applied to the bristles and the scrubbing motion used on the shaving area. Experiment and you will find what works best for you.

Soap or Cream? More info... Also visit our companion site for videos and additional information at www.shaveinfo.com Moisten area to be shaved with warm water to soften hairs, thoroughly wet brush, shake off some excess water if necessary, rotate and lather brush over shaving soap or cream (like stirring a cup of coffee, for example) and apply in a back and forth and slightly circular motion to the shaving area - the lather is created on your face. Finish with a non-irritating after shave or moisture balm as needed and to help restore moisture and your skin's natural acid mantle.

Take care of your skin as you age and it will thank you!

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