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"Selections with men in mind"
Em's products not only help men to smell and look good, they're also great for gift giving too! Complement these items with men's shaving brushes and supplies.
Many items include Em's exclusive essential oil blends popular with men. Visit the essential oils reference for aromatherapeutic information for the individual oils used.
Did you know? The witch hazel used by Em's Place is a pure distillate from the Hamamelis virginana. It is pure and natural with no added alcohol.

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Em's Glycerin Shaving Soap Rounds
Product ID: mn-gbr
Based on 13 ratings. (View)
3 oz. regular size glycerin shaving or cleansing round in your choice of essential oil blends is great for use with shaving brushes and is the refill size for our shaving sets (or use your own container). 2 3/4" approx. diameter. Enriched with extra glycerin. Can be used for gentle face or body cleansing too! What could be more convenient. More Info
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Em's Glycerin Shaving Soap in Handy Tub
Product ID: MN-GTUB-ar
Based on 5 ratings. (View)
Glycerin shaving soap in handy tub for those that prefer this type of container. Comes with twice as much soap as our regular glycerin shaving rounds in unscented or with Em's essential oil blend. Tub is 3 1/4" diameter. Contains six ounces soap. More Info
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Em's Pre-Shave and Body Oil
Product ID: bc-ps
Based on 9 ratings. (View)
A special combination of vitamin rich, light, cold-pressed natural oils to soften and protect for a smooth, comfortable shave. Wash face and soften hairs with warm water, massage pre-shave oil onto shaving area and apply lather on top. Use sparingly, a little goes a long way. More Info
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Em's After Shave Soother and Light Moisture Balm
Product ID: MN-SS-ozar
Based on 9 ratings. (View)
A notably soothing after shave balm or light lotion that will leave your skin feeling smooth and refreshed. Can be used instead of an after shave for dry skin or over an aftershave when more conditioning and moisturizing is desired. A little goes a long way. More Info
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Em's Scented After Shave and Body Splash
Product ID: MN-AS-ozar
Based on 4 ratings. (View)
Use this gentle, natural and alcohol-free splash to freshen and tone anytime. The witch hazel provides a mild astringent while the hydrosol and botanicals replace lost moisture and enrich your skin. Has a light fragrance from the essential oils. More Info
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Em's All-Natural Witch Hazel After Shave Splash
Product ID: MN-WAS-oz
Based on 2 ratings. (View)
After shave splash, skin freshener and astringent. This pure witch hazel distillate is the real thing. Mild, natural witch hazel with no added alcohol to tone and tighten. Includes lavender and tea tree essential oils for beneficial skin care properties. Great for face and body anytime. More Info
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Em's Minty Menthol After Shave and Body Splash
Product ID: MN-WASM-oz
Skin freshener and astringent that can provide a tingling and cooling sensation which is normal due to the menthol content. This stimulating blend is especially good at the start of the day, during hot spells and anytime a lift is desired. More Info
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Em's Moisturizing Shaving and All-Purpose Gel
Product ID: MN-MSG-ozar
Based on 1 ratings. (View)
This thick gel makes a shaving treat for your skin. Use about the size of a quarter and rub on shaving area - this is a brushless shaving gel, pre-shave lubricant or a touch-and-cut to complement any lathering style's final pass. More Info
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Em's Alum Block
Product ID: EM-ALUM-oz
Based on 2 ratings. (View)
Pure Potassium Alum in two sizes: 3 ounce stone or 4 ounce stone with basket. Wet block with water and rub gently over skin then rinse off. Used after shaving to close pores or as an antiseptic for minor nicks and abrasions. More Info
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Em's Antioxidant Face and Body Moisture Cream
Product ID: FC-AC-ozar
This enriching cream is full of natural anti-aging properties. The moisturizers and vitamins will rejuvenate your skin and make it soft and supple. Avocado oil is known as a natural age fighter and this cream is full of it. This is a gourmet cream and sure to please. If you have normal, dry or a very dry facial complexion this is for you! More Info
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Em's Foot Care Lotion
Product ID: FC-FL-oz
Pamper your feet with this moisturizing lotion and our specialty blend of foot care essential oils. Conditions while it moisturizes and softens. More Info
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Em's Footnote Foot Spray
Product ID: FC-FSF-oz
Stimulate and revitalize your feet with this rosemary hydrosol and witch hazel based spray which includes our specialty blend of foot care essential oils. Available in three sizes. Comes with spray top. More Info
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Em's Jojoba Lotion
Product ID: FC-JL-ozar
Based on 1 ratings. (View)
This lotion uses the finest natural jojoba and is designed for all over skin and body care. Wonderful for all skin types. Why is Jojoba so beneficial? It is one of the best all-around natural oils. More Info
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Em's Jojoba Enriched Foot Massage Oil
Product ID: FC-JO-oz
Moisturizing Massage Oil with the added benefit of 33% pure Jojoba Oil and our specialty blend of foot care essential oils. Vitamin enriched and fast penetrating - makes an excellent light weight foot massage oil. More Info
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