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Product ID bld-bank
Double Edge Razor Blade Bank
Metal blade bank for depositing your double edge blades after use. A convenient way to dispose of blades. When full, simply discard bank and start with a new one. Economical and safe. Note: Logo sticker may vary according to stock on hand. It has a 3" by 2 1/8" footprint by 1 1/2" high. More Info
Price: $1.95

Product ID bld-sample
Double Edge Safety Razor Blades Sample Pack
Double edge safety razor blades - eight pack sampler. We have brought together our most popular DE blades for you to sample. Men have different styles of razors, different beard types and different techniques and not all blades perform the same in various circumstances. Try a variety to see what works best for you. More Info
Price: $19.95

Product ID bld-merk
Merkur Brand Double Edge Blades
Merkur brand high quality stainless steel platinum double edged blades available in ten-pack. More Info
Price: $6.95

Product ID bld-feth
Feather Brand Platinum Coated Blades
Feather Brand Platinum Coated Blades are known for their sharpness and are a sought after alternative double edge razor brand. 10 blades total. More Info
Price: $5.95

Product ID bld-wilk
Wilkinson Sword Double Edge Blades - 5 pack
Classic double edge blade with triple coating process of chromium to resist corrosion, ceramic for added durability and PTFE for less irritation. Provides a smooth, close and comfortable shave. Made in Germany. More Info
Price: $1.95

Product ID bld-crys
Crystal Double Edge Blades
Crystal brand razor blades from American Safety Razor Company. Each blade is stainless steet coated with platinum chrome to provide hardness and durability to assure you a friction free, close and smooth shave. Updated packaging, made in Israel. More Info
Select Pack of Ten Blades $1.95
Box of 12 Packs (120 Blades) $21.95
Price: Select

Product ID bld-ast
Astra Platinum Double Edge Blades - 5 pack
Astra superior platinum safety razor blades are sharp and long lasting. Made in Russia after Gillette bought the Astra company and distributed by Procter & Gamble Czech Republic. Pack of five blades. More Info
Price: $1.85

Product ID bld-7clock-gr
7 O'Clock Double Edge Razor Blades - Green 5 pack
7 O'Clock stainless steel double edge razor blades in the green pack are a popular Gillette safety razor blade. Each individually wrapped blade provides for a smooth, comfortable shave. Made in Russia under license by the Gillette Company. Five blades per pack. More Info
Price: $2.25

Product ID bld-7am
7am Double Edge Razor Blades - 5 pack
Reputed to have more flexibility than many blades and therefore more forgiving for a smooth shave. The stainless steel platinum finish provides for longer lasting durability. More Info
Price: $2.95

Product ID bld-srk
Shark Super Chrome Double Edge Blades - 5 pack
Shark super chrome stainless steel polymer coated double edge safety razorblades for a smooth, close shave. Made in Egypt. Comes in a five pack. More Info
Price: $1.95

Product ID bld-srp
Sharp Double Edge Blades - 10 pack
The edge is extremely sharp and acts easily against tough beards while giving a smooth shave. Swiss Quality Hi Chromium. 10-pack of blades. More Info
Price: $2.65

Product ID bld-max
Super-Max Double Edge Blades - 5 pack
Platinum coated blades for a close shave. Made in India for distribution by Super-Max in the UK. Be sure they're the original - look for the hologram. More Info
Price: $1.95

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