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Wooden Foot Brush
Product ID: ba-nbf
Natural bristles for stimulating and scrubbing your feet. A real treat! Approx. 2 1/4" at widest part by 3 3/4" long. More Info
Price: $2.95

Pumice Stone with Cotton Rope
Product ID: ba-p
Natural smoothers from light, porous volcanic lava with cotton rope. More Info
Price: $3.50

Sleep Mask
Product ID: ba-slmk
Sleep Mask allows for natural rapid eye movement during sleep cycle due to the mask's eye contour. Simple velcro strap and nose contour for a custom and comfort fit. More Info
Price: $9.95

Chrome Soap Dish in Two Styles
Product ID: ba-ssd
Mesh or slotted style soap holder. Approx. 4 3/4" x 3 3/4" More Info
Price: $6.95

Fogless Water Mirror
Product ID: ba-watmir
Use when shaving and grooming in the shower for a steam-free view. This fogless mirror has 4 bright white LED lights to illuminate your face. Includes a 3-hole razor/accessory holder and mounts to any smooth surface via suction cups, silicone adhesive or double-sided tape (included). Three AA batteries needed for lighting, not included. More Info
Price: $39.95

Wooden Soap Dish - Grooved
Product ID: ba-wdg
Solid wood grooved wooden soap holder has rubberized non-slip feet. Approx. 4 x 3" More Info
Price: $3.95

Wooden Soap Dish - Large
Product ID: ba-wdl
Large slotted wooden soap holder has rubberized non-slip feet. Approx. 6" x 4" More Info
Price: $3.50

Wall Mount Mirror - Satin Nickel 5X and 1X
Product ID: ba-wmtm
This dual-sided 5X/1X Wall Mirror is a "must have" when you want to get a closer view for shaving and grooming. On one side the 5x magnification mirror allows you to see the details, while the other 1X side lets you check your appearance. Extend the mirror's arm to the most convenient reach for your viewing preference. More Info
Price: $49.95

Fogless Mirror Cleaner and Anti-Fog Spray
Product ID: bc-afog
Anti-Fog solution keeps your mirrors clean and fog free. Can be used on any surface affected by fog, such as eyeglasses, car mirrors, goggles, windows and more... Comes in 4 ounce spray bottle. More Info
Price: $8.95

Pumice Stone with Nail Brush
Product ID: bs-pnb
Natural scrubber and smoother brush and pumice combo for all-around skin care. More Info
Price: $4.25

Caps - Regular - Flip - Mist or Pump
Product ID: cap-cc
There may be times when you want to turn a splash into a spray or visa versa. In addition, if you are traveling a flip top splash cap will leak if a product is very thin or is liquid based. Therefore a regular lined cap will make things more travel safe. A variety of caps to choose from. More Info
Price: Select

Empty .5 Ounce Malibu Bottle
Product ID: dy-mal
Based on 1 ratings. (View)
Empty .5 ounce malibu bottle with flip top dispenser cap. Makes a great travel tube for shaving cream or lotions by filling from our pump top dispenser bottles. Not intended for oils and liquids unless you use a lined cap to prevent leaks. More Info
Price: $1.25

Empty Cobalt Shiny Plastic Spritzer Bottle
Product ID: dy-sbc
Empty bottles work great when you want to make your own spritzer formulas to enjoy. Three sizes to choose from More Info
Price: Select

Pure & Natural Deodorant
Product ID: MN-TCP-op
Pure crystal mineral salts from potassium/ammonium alum which cannot be absorbed into the skin unlike the metallic form of aluminum which can. All natural ingredients that help kill odor causing bacteria. Contains no talc, aluminum chlorhydrate or preservatives. Apply to clean, dry body and feet to help control odor and wetness. For external use. More Info
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