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Pressed Flower Art

About Using Tweezers

Did you know?

Tweezers -try to find a good general purpose pair of tweezers with loose tension and thin, flat tips with rounded edges. A type used by stamp collectors is a good option.

For pressed flower work not all tweezers are created the same.

When working with pressed flowers, the tweezers you use for arrangements are important to the ease and success of the design.

There are many different styles of tweezers. Look for a pair that is comfortable to use with a tip appropriate to pressed flower work. Keep these important considerations in mind when selecting your tweezers:

1) Tension that is loose. A pair of tweezers with tight tension when pushing the tips together will tire out your hand quickly. For serious pressed flower work a light tension is better.

2) Tweezer tips work best if they come to a petite/non thick tapered point. When tweezers tips have a blunt aspect, they are more prone to pushing/mangling a flower petal, especially delicate or sheer items, than a tapered or thin point. In addition, a thin point is easier for getting under the flower item for lifting and setting into place.

So what's the point? A comfortable pair of tweezers with the appropropriate tip is as important to the pressed flower enthusiast as a good paint brush is to the success of the artist's work. Find a pair that works for you and your pressed flower experience will be the best it can be. Enjoy!


These tweezer tips become wider as you go from left to right, with the pair on the furthest right being the hardest to use for pressed flower work because it has a thick tip and tight tension.