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There are many great videos on the web that demonstrate wet shaving techniques or contain interesting information. We have compiled a list of videos that may be of special interest to those looking for a consolidated place for finding these resources. Keep in mind, there are many ways to use a given tool or product, so take the information and apply the aspects that work best for you. There is no right or wrong way to shave, so accumulating a variety of information will help you adapt a personal technique to help elevate your shaving experience for a closer, comfortable shave.


Corey Greenberg on NBC's Today Show The Perfect Shave - The last Sunday in January of '05, Corey Greenburg, Tech Editor for the NBC Today Show, did a wet shaving article and TV segment about wet shaving that hit the air waves. That show caused an immediate impact and increase in our Em's Place, Inc. business. It was like being placed back into the holiday selling season, but without the inventory buildup. We were placing emergency orders with our international vendors to meet the demand. Further, with his focus on the double edge razor, even the main manufacturer we work with, Merkur/Dovo, ran out of stock for many items. This was not just something our company experienced - it had an impact on all the wet shaving merchants we know about here in the states, as well as on many product makers worldwide. This national exposure to traditional wet shaving with a brush and double edge razor escalated the desire to try a different shaving technique and exposed a whole new generation to a more traditional shave by making lather with a shaving brush. (approx. 5 min.)


Straight Razor Shaving Demo Lynn Abrams is world renowned for his vast knowledge and experience with straight razors, sharpening procedures and impressive collection. This video is where it all began and lives on today as a good starting tutorial. In addition, he has created a three and a half hour video that showcases a vast array of straight razors and information in this straight razor shaving demonstration DVD that is available for purchase. (approx. 13 minutes).

Please note: this video is the first one he posted many... years ago when the internet was in its infancy. This is an internet vintage video that looks at the early days of the wet shaving with a straight razor - and people were very excited to have this video available.)


mantic59 is known for his video sequences on a variety of wet shaving topics which are posted in several locations around the net. We have compiled links to several of his videos here for convenience. You can view his line of videos on YouTube or Sclipo in order to get his full array of video offerings.Double Edge Shaving Videos Pt 1 and 2:

______________________________'s Jonathan Redford divulges the secrets of the perfect quality shave at The Shave in Beverly Hills:

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