Get Better Shaves

Video about things to consider for a closer, more comfortable shave...


Q. My shaves are horrible and I'm wondering what I could be doing wrong? Any thoughts?

Ask yourself if the technique could be better...

·    Do you soften the whiskers with warm water or a hot towel before applying a warm shaving cream.

·    Is your blade edge sharp enough for the job.

·    Do you rinse the blade as it gets plugged with lather and stubble.

·    Do you reapply shaving cream between passes or go over the same area again and again and again.

·    Do you apply too much pressure on the razor.

·    Do you use a blade that is cutting the hairs cleanly for the whisker's length, or is it skiing over the stubble.

·    Do you shave in the direction of growth to reduce the whiskers.

·    Have you waited too long between shaves making it less comfortable to tackle the growth.

~ When reading this if you answered "no" to any of the above questions:

If this is how the average guy shaves, then it's no wonder so many men hate to do it so much. And it doesn't have to be this way!

So unless you have ironclad skin, all of these factors can cause an inferior shave, irritation or shaving bumps.

Q. So, what's the answer?

·    Learn good technique.

·    Soften the whiskers with warm water.

·    Maintain the softness by using warm lather, preferably by applying it with a shaving brush.

·    Make sure you have a sharp blade and start out by going with the direction of the whiskers grain.

·    Consider blade angle - especially if using a non-pivoting blade like the fixed head, double-edged safety, or straight razor.

·    Use feather-light pressure on the razor handle so the cutting edge does the work.

·    Rinse the blade frequently to remove soap and stubble build up.

·    And select the right razor for the job. Multi-blade cartridge razors are fine when stubble is light or short, but a double edge safety razor, for example, may be a good option for more cleanly cutting the longer stubble as shown in this video.

Elevate your shaving experience and see how much more enjoyable it can become. If you're already getting good shaves that's great! We hope these thoughts will help others to join you.