Creating Lather Video

There are different ways to make lather using a shaving cream and this video demonstrates the three main techniques with an emphasis on creating lather fast and easy...

Shaving cream as demonstrated here and hard soaps are the two types of products for creating warm lather with a brush. For a detailed explanation about the difference between using a shaving cream versus a hard glycerin soap take a look at our "Soap or Cream - which one?" article.

Three Ways to Make Lather Using a Shaving Cream - This video demonstration uses a silver tip badger shaving brush to make warm lather with shaving cream. Real time and uncensored. 9:42 minutes

FAQ: My lather breaks down really fast and I don't know why? The main reason that a quality product that is known to create a good lather breaks down fast, or doesn't otherwise hold up, is usually due to the type of water. For example, hard water with a lot of minerals is especially notorious for not making optimum lather because of the mineral content. Whereas softer water is known to create a better lather that does not break down as fast. Both will provide a warm lather and elevate the shave, however the softer the water the better the lather quality.

In addition, even the same location can have variances in this respect. For example, in our location when the city has added a chlorine boost to the water system, not only can you smell it coming out of the tap but the lather breaks down much faster. So if you wonder what's happened when your technique remains the same and you are making great lather and then things change - it could well be the water. In this event the only control you have is to purchase and use a distilled or purified water, or install a water softener. Don't get hung up on these details unless you notice this situation and want to try something different that can further enhance your shaving experience.

There's no doubt about it - proper prep and making your own warm lather with a brush and your razor of choice not only smells good but elevates the shaving experience to a whole new level of enjoyment and satisfaction.

For the most luxurious and comfortable shave you should soften the whiskers with warm water before applying the shaving cream to your face. For an in-depth read on the subject check out our "About Wet Shaving with a Brush" article.

The faster you create the lather the warmer it is...

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