Colognes for Men by Em

Simple and rich aromas from true botanicals. Scents are from pure essential oils and absolutes with no synthetic fragrance or colorants. These blends are an alternative for individuals who have been wanting to try, or wear, aromas from natural essences with a subtle, exotic fragrance.

 »  Use for spot area applications. For example on wrists, chest, neck, behind knees, etc... For maximum enjoyment of these powerful blends they are not intended for facial or broad scale application.

~ Start out by using sparingly while you discover how potent they are for your particular style of application. Personal aromas should be subtle and captivating, not overpowering and evasive. Apply more, or to a variety of locations, when extra aroma is desired or depending upon occasion. Scents will wear differently on each individual based on body chemistry and skin type. Try a variety to see if one of these pure essence blends will become your own unique and individual signature scent.

This is the most potent way to enjoy our fragrances added to a glycerin and traditional cologne base. Essential oils have different evaporation rates. Therefore, the aroma will change over time as the top notes fade away and the middle notes move in. Later, the base notes will appear and are the longest lasting of the essences. Since we use 100% essential oils for our blends, they are going to wear differently than many off-the-shelf products. Use and enjoy anytime!

Colognes are available in the following essential oil selections. These blends are patterned after the Em's line of toiletries with additional essences to enhance the cologne's profile. Each scent is one-of-a-kind and only available from Em's Place - be different and distinctive...

» Balancing: Rich in the sought after Mysore sandalwood, genus Santalum album, for a soft, warm, woody scent. Top notes of tangerine and grapefruit, with heart notes of rose, neroli, black pepper, lavender and base notes of sandalwood, frankincense and myrrh. Twenty essences are used to give you the calm and confidence to tackle any occasion.

» Bay Rum: A full-bodied spice and citrus scent with an exotic undertone from the bay rum and balsamic oils. Top notes of orange, lemon and mandarin with heart notes of bay, clove, sage and base notes of labdanum, balsam and cinnamon. Sixteen essence round out this popular aroma.

» Lime Citrus: Light and zesty citrus aroma for the lime enthusiast has a subtle sandalwood and jasmine undertone providing body to the blend. Top notes of lime, orange, lemongrass and elemi, with heart notes of myrtle, jasmine, neroli and base notes of sandalwood, amyris and frankincense. Twenty-three essences enhance this upbeat scent. Please note not for use on areas that are subject to prolonged sun exposure due to high citrus oil content.

» Outdoors: Has a cedar wood-citrus aroma with a hint of floral-spice. Top notes of lime and lemon with heart notes of geranium, rosewood, pine, rose and base notes of cedar wood atlas, pine, vitiver, and oakmoss. Nineteen essences comprise this upbeat, woody scent. Like taking a hike through cedar and pine wood trails.

» Strengthening: A refreshing rosemary-mint aroma with a lavender and woody undertone. This stimulating blend is reputed to help sharpen mental clarity and awareness. Top notes of peppermint, petitgrain, grapefruit with heart notes of rosemary, lavender, cananga and base notes of cedar wood, myrrh and labdanum. Thirty-two essences make up this blend that provides an energizing start to the day.

» Woodstock: A rich, earthy, woody scent with a hint of spice is appreciated by anyone who favors patchouli. Blend includes top notes of orange and bergamot with heart notes of rose, jasmine, neroli and base notes of patchouli, sandalwood, balsam and oak moss. Nineteen essences provide its full-bodied aroma.


Like precious stones or fine wine, prices reflect seasonality, availability, and how much essential oil can be obtained from a given botanical. Essential oils are reputed to contain many organic constituents, including vitamins, hormones and other natural elements that make up the life force of plants.

~ These are Parfum strength colognes consisting of approximately 20% essential oils by volume.

FAQ:  What is different about pure essential oil based aromas: Synthetic scents and fragrance oils can wear differently than pure botanical aromas. Natural scents have different evaporation rates generally referred to as top, middle and base notes. This means that certain essential oils will last longer than others and top notes are the fastest to dissipate - most volatile. Citrus oils are an example of top notes. Middle notes are typically the balance of a blend and contain many of the floral essences. Base notes tend to last the longest and act as a fixative. Frankincense and Sandalwood are examples of base notes. Essential oil blends are formulated to contain essences from the various notes to help make a synergistic and longer lasting combination. We think of pure scents like a hike or nature walk - some scents are more powerful and others more fleeting. Some aromas are noticed right away and then move aside making room for the other subtle scents to appear. Interested in additional information about what terms like top, heart and base notes mean when talking about fragrance? Visit this FAQ page.

Notice: Consult with your physician or aromatherapeutic reference for any questions regarding the use of essential oils. As with any cologne product keep away from children, fire, flame and heat.