Whisker Study Pattern

Whisker Pattern Study

Best Practices
and Wet Shaving Thoughts


This example shows a whisker pattern that varies between the upper and lower quadrants of the shave area.

The Cheeks: With the grain is from the nose/chin downward toward the ears

Jaw: With the grain is from the lower lip downward and slightly outward

Upper Neck: With the grain from the center outward toward the ears

Lower Neck: With the grain is from the center going upward and out toward the ears

Benefits of wet shaving with a brush, hot lather and best practices will assist to clear up the complexion and provide the optimum in shaving comfort and enjoyment...


For the first pass shave with the grain to reduce the stubble. Then, depending upon how sensitive your skin, you can go sideways to the grain or against the grain on additional passes for a smoother shave. Irritation and razor bumps can occur when shaving against the grain, so pay attention to the "with the grain" direction and make sure whiskers are softened with warm/hot water and warm, quality lather (preferably applied with a brush). For optimum comfort apply more lather before each pass with the razor. Let the blade do the work by using a feather light touch and no undue pressure on the razor.

Arrows show the direction of the grain (with the grain).

What's your whisker pattern?

study of mans whisker pattern for best shave

close up of whisker growth direction

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