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Double Edge and General Razor Information

This razor information provides the basic blade loading techniques and specifications for the Merkur brand double edged razors and cartridge blade razor types available from Em's Place, Inc.

About Shaving with a Double Edge Razor

If you are new to shaving with a double edge razor you need to understand that nicks can occur, especially in the early stages of getting use to using this tool. In general, give yourself time to get comfortable with the razor’s operation and new shaving techniques. Be sure to soften the whiskers with hot water or hot towel before lathering up. Creating lather with a quality shaving soap or cream formulated for use with a shaving brush will greatly enhance the experience.

To use: Take a slow, light pass at the shave area. For larger parts the strokes may be longer and for chin and other hard to reach areas take more, and shorter, passes. To start you may want to shave just the cheeks and easy areas while you get use to the razor, and take only one pass with the grain. Since whiskers can grow in different directions on your face and neck, check out the pattern of growth before using the double edge unless you already know what direction your hair grows. The major things to keep in mind are go slowly and apply NO… pressure. Use a feather light touch and let the razor glide. Another consideration is blade angle. Since other blades pre-adjust the angle, it may be necessary for you to use your arm or hand to manually adjust the angle when using a double edge. With practice you can experience some of the most smooth, close and comfortable shaves possible. Keep sharp instruments and blades out of the reach of children and pets. Use with caution and don’t hold the razor with a soapy or oily hand as that can cause the razor to slip. Also note the sample blade included with some razors, or an occasional bad blade, can give a less than satisfactory shave. In this event, try a new, fresh blade. More details for new wet shavers or those thinking about wet shaving with a brush...


~ More info: Merkur adjustable razors video showing size comparison for the Progress, Futur and Vision.


Merkur Vision Razor

The Vision opens using the butterfly (silo) action by twisting the lower section of the handle. This top-of-the-line model is the most heavy duty and complex double edge available. Its high precision performance and fully adjustable blade angle allows the user to customize the shave to personal preference. 4 3/4 inch total razor length. Weight is 4.4 ounce. The band with the word VISION is used to adjust the blade gap - Turning clockwise is most closed, and turning counter-clockwise is most open.


Merkur Futur Double Edge Blade Loading Picture

The Futur opens by pushing the top cap off as shown starting with a side upward movement. This traditional and fully adjustable razor is second only to the Vision in weight and performance. A great way to find the closest and most comfortable shave. 4 3/8 inch total razor length. Weight is 4.2 ounce. The numbers 1 through 6 are used to adjust the blade gap - 1 setting is most closed, 6 setting is most open. Click for more information or video


Merkur Double Edge Two Part Razor Blade Loading

Two Part Razors - Have a long screw release for loading the blade as shown. The screw release dial at the base of the handle is turned to loosen the screw:

Heavy Duty Regular (regular HD handle) pictured on he right is 3 1/4 inch total razor length. Weight is 2.75 ounce with fixed/non-adjustable head.

Heavy Duty Slant Bar (regular slant HD handle) is 3 1/4 inch total razor length. Weight is 2.75 ounce with fixed/non-adjustable head.

Heavy Duty Long Handle (long handle HD Barber Pole) is 4" inch total razor length. Weight is 3.95 ounce with fixed/non-adjustable head.

Heavy Duty Satin Stainless Steel Long Handle (modeled after the Barber Pole design) is 4" inch total razor length. Weight is 5.2 ounces making it the heaviest model. Has a fixed/non-adjustable head.

Progress adjustable head: Regular handle razor is 3 1/2" total length and weighs 3 ounces. Long handle razor is just over 4" total length and weights 3.49 ounces.

The Progress adjustable razor use the numbers 1 through 5 for blade gap - toward the 1 setting is most closed, toward the 5 setting is most open. Turning knob at base of handle releases the screw rod top for blade replacement and also adjusts the blade gap. (Adjustable razors size comparison video - note that only the regular handle razor is shown in the video)


Merkur Double Edge Safety Razor Three Blade Loading

Three Part Razors - Have a short screw release for loading the blade as shown. The handle is turned to unscrew the top plates for loading the blade: Long handle classic is 4 1/4 inch total razor length. Weight is 1.9 ounce with fixed/non-adjustable head.

Antique model is 3 1/4 inch total razor length. Weight is 1.7 ounce with fixed/non-adjustable head.

Regular toothed model is 3 1/4 inch total razor length. Weight is 1.7 ounce with fixed/non-adjustable head.


Butterfly Head for Double Edge Blade

Butterfly/silo twist to open(TTO)double edge fixed head safety razors.

You turn the handle or bottom part of the handle depending upon the razor and the head opens in a butterfly/silo style for inserting the double edge blade.


The following pictures show the main head types you may see referred to on this web site. You will see different blade release lever styles for the later razor types.

The straight razor is sharpened by the user, the double edge razor uses a double edge blade, the fixed head razor uses a Trac II compatible two blade cartridge, the swing arm razor uses an Atra compatible two blade cartridge, the Sensor head razor uses a Sensor compatible two or three blade cartridge, the Mach3 uses a three blade Mach3 compatible cartridge and the Fusion head uses a Fusion five blade compatible cartridge.

Straight Razor Picture

Straight Razor
<------  From then to now          ------>
Fusion Cartridge Razor
Fusion Manual     /     Fusion Power>

and many models in-between ...
Cartridge Razor Head Pictures

Use Merkur plastic blade adaptors to turn almost any fixed (Trac II compatable blade head) razor into an optional blade of choice from the following selections.

Plastic Adaptors for TracII Razors Picture

Adaptor A, first picture: Atra compatible two blade swivel system.
Adaptor B, second picture: Sensor two blade swivel system.
Adaptor C, third picture: Schick protector blade system.

Three Types of Razor Adaptors Picture

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