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Pressed Flowers

This inspirational 23-page book has 15 pressed flower project ideas to get you started.

Features include:

> Tips and instructions for making trinket boxes, framed pictures, egg ornaments, paperweights, bookmarks, notecards, lampshades and much more...

Pressed Flowers by Indrani Hawkins

This 128-page full-color book covers it all. From sowing, growing and gathering to pressing and storing. Flower lover's guide includes dozens of pressed flower projects and step-by-step instructions.

>This book makes a great inspirational and motivational reference with projects for pictures, shells, lampshades, bookmarks, candles, and jewelry to name a few.

Forever Flowers by Bernice Peitzer

Flowers Forever - pressed flower information and inspiration

Paper and Petals

This 23-page book covers how to make handmade paper with 28 project ideas.

Features include:

> Ideas and tips for making coasters, wedding album covers, notecards, bookmarks, angels and many other beautiful papermaking designs.

Paper & Petals by Suzanne McNeill

Experiment and have fun creating designs using molded techniques with ideas from this 23-page book.

Features include:

> Project ideas for gift bags and wraps, wreaths, gift boxes, ornaments, trinket boxes and frames using different mold fibers for fun and variety.

Cotton Press Molds by Dion Barron

Cotton Press Molds


Dried Flowers

Dried Flowers by Whitlock & Rankin

31 page booklet is packed with lots of useful information. Covers methods from air drying to the use of silica gel, glycerin and other dehydrating methods and formulas.

Highlights include:

>  List of 48 flowers and drying methods
>  List of 35 other plant items and recommendations
>  Tips on storage, arranging and more


This 79 page guide has lots of beautiful pictures and helpful information for creating your own fresh floral displays.

Highlights include:
>  Supply and tool recommendations
>  Fresh flower identification, care and handling
>  Effective use of color and color wheel
>  How to make bows
>  Arrangement and styling techniques

Basic Floral Design by The John Henry Company

Basic Floral Design

candles.jpg (39134 bytes)

This 18-page book has lots of beautiful full-color pictures.

Features include:

> Ideas and tips for adorning candles with pressed flowers, decoupage, cut-outs, colored hot glue, naturals, stencils and many other fun and creative suggestions. Includes instructions for making "tin punch" containers.

Embellished Candles Without Hot Wax
by Suzanne McNeill


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